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Align your WHEELS Strategy Session

Align your WHEELS Strategy Session

Is your business feeling like a bumpy ride at the moment?

Do you wish to make it a smooth drive? It’s time to align the wheels of your business. Sign up for the Align your WHEELS 1:1 Business Clarity Session.

You pay $175 ONLY if you find value in the session.

W - What do you do?

Introduction to you and your business

H - How to take your business forward?

Where do you wish to see your business and what are the challenges you are currently facing?

E - Elaborate Possibilities

Brainstorming time - Let's think together what all can be done to take your business forward

E - Embrace a Strategy true to you

Strategy time - Let's work out a strategy that suits you and feels true to you

L - List next action items with timelines

Let's decide the sequence of events with timelines

S - Secrets Revealed

I will reveal to you my business secrets

Post Session: Get a detailed report and 20 min check in call*
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*Only if you find value, pay for the session


Rupa has a real passion for helping people and it shows in her coaching. She over-delivers and is such a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Rupa!

- Janice Quigg, Canada

(She signed up client worth $12K within a week of this session)

Rupa is amazing! We recently had a call discussing my business and where I am looking to take it. She gave some really good advice that I can implement straight away, as well as some awesome productivity strategies. Highly recommend getting to know her

- Jake Telman, Australia